we are happy with our Wintersteiger machines and a lot of personal know-how to the preservation and performance of your winter sports equipment.

Whether installed base repairs, Nose / Tail guards, Kantentunig or gluing of broken Sidewalls, we remedy the situation.

What we do not, unfortunately, for technical reasons, are adjustments and repairs to SKI BINDINGS!

For this service, please search a Skispezialisten on.

This leads to the peak times to date no problems, please bear in time to the delivery of your board or skis.

to process your order pads with as little loss, we work with Soft contact rolls in wet grinding by hand.

machine processing by stone grinding is not recommended in the Board area because snowboards are not flat but have a convex / concave sliding surfaces (various rock).

The stone grinding is planed to reach the surface at the first time loops.

The manufacturer incorporated concaves are thus destroyed and the handling characteristics change.

Secondly, it is looped through the pavement surface on the convex bodies.

Please note in your own interest, where / b> your beloved board to provide service.

you determine your selection, even the life of your snowboard.