shoe sizing for boots

Tips and information about buying shoes online

Whether skating or recreational shoe, snowboard boot, bike or inline skates shoe - There are for each shoe an easy way to your shoe size (foot length in cm) to determine. This will prevent you order your desired shoes too big or too small.

To determine your exact foot length:

1. Insert a blank, squared A4 paper on the floor, if possible, strike this paper on the wall let

2. Then you face the wall with the heel (the heel should touch the wall) to the paper

3. We recommend, easy to go to its knees, stretched himself by the foot and the toes do not pull back

4. Draw it with a pencil the outline of your foot

5. For safety, repeat the process with the other foot, as both feet are not always the same length

6. With a ruler, measure the longest distance between the heel and the toes

Based on your measured cm indication we can offer you exactly the right shoe from our range, we measure our shoes on the actual inside length and are not oriented us to the often differing sizes of the manufacturers.

At about 70% of all shoe retailers soft sizes (exact inner length) of the manufacturer Sun from clear that the customer has little chance to order the correct size.

To save time and money, we ask that you to take 5 minutes, so you can determine your exact foot length with the above instructions.

When an order or request you send us your foot length in cm via email or contact form. We will check carefully whether the desired size for you is.

It's simple: measure your foot. WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST.